You’re LOVED.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

There have been times I haven’t felt so lovable, and at just the right moment, sweet little hands have tugged at my dress and I’ve looked down to see a smiling face, and heard those words we all look forward to hearing–“I love you!”

There’s something about those three little words that can change the mood in an instant. It’s February now, and of course Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I thought it would be fun for us Mommas to Leave A Little Love for each other! Wanna join me? It really is true..If you want to brighten your own day, just start by brightening someone else’s day!

We just spent a week in the hospital with our oldest little man as he was treated for an infection in his bone, joint and muscle, and goodness were we showered with all kinds of love! We had help with our babies, help with our laundry, dinner drop offs, coffee deliveries, and so many friends praying and just letting us know they were there for us. One day while walking through the lobby I stopped by the coffee shop and grabbed some gift cards. I just couldn’t get #leavealittlelove out of my head, so I wanted to bring it to life. Walking down the halls, you’ll see a few smiles, but you’ll also see sadness and fear. I saw many tear stained faces, and tired Mommas, and I wanted to brighten their day somehow! I know I love finding surprises, and surely you do too?! Am I right?!? I made up a little note card, and taped the gift cards inside with a little note. It’s always fun to pay it forward. I scattered them around the hospital and prayed that they would make another Momma’s day a little brighter.

#LEAVEALITTLELOVE isn’t just a let’s do this in February thing… I think we should make it a point to leave a little love all throughout the year!

Wanna join me? Where could you leave a little love? I’m planning on scattering some gift cards around town this week… you may find one in a restroom at the changing table, or on a table at the park… you just never know! I’m attaching a free printable you’re welcome to download and use too! Thanks for joining the movement and helping to #LEAVEALITTLELOVE

You can download your #LEAVEALITTLELOVE printable by clicking the image below!

We wanna hear about it!

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