When God has other plans…

We made it through the doors of our “safe place.” My middles darted off to their favorite people, and on to the play space, as I grabbed a table, pulled out a bib and sippy cup to stake my claim, and balanced my one year old on my hip. I waited in line, gave our order and made my way back to our table. It was time to grab a high chair, plaster sticky mats to the table and wait on the order to come.

Just this week, as I laid out breakfast for all four boys in the cafe at church, someone asked me when we were going to get a TV–after counting out all 4 boys. I’m not sure exactly how my face looked after I processed the remark. I laughed and said we had one.

Back to Chick-fil-A… Our order finally made it, and as I opened up each box of nuggets, I noticed it. One box had an extra! Was I going to take it back? Complain about the little blessing? Of course not! And then I smiled.

I had just found out, 2 days before the encounter in the cafe at church, that baby 5 was on the way. Was I surprised?! Yes! Was God surprised?! NO! I had literally sold my infant carrier 10 days before we found out we were expecting.  I had given away maternity clothes. I had gotten rid of a lot of our baby boy outfits–someone needed to be using all those things–and I just knew they’d be rotting if I held on to them!

As I sat the boys places for lunch, and handed out the nuggets, I felt peace and excitement. Our fifth little one is just like the bonus in the box. And God’s plans are ALWAYS better than ours.

So excited for the blessing on the way. My heart is full–and my hands will be more full than ever too!


Finally sharing a post I began, the week after finding out baby five was on the way!

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